How to participate in the ICO

Contributions are accepted on tuktukpass.co.
This website is the only place where the wallet address is published.

What is the Token Price?

Token price is 1 ETH = 250 TTP, not including the bonuses.

Is there a Minimum to invest?

There’s no minimum.

What is TTPA Token?

TTPA Token is received from the ICO. This token can be used on the Tuk Tuk Pass Platform for peer-to-peer services. TTPA contributes to bonuses when receiving TTPC as rewards for curating contents and being active on the platform.

What is TTPC Token?

TTPC Token are reward tokens given to community members for their curated contents and interactions on the platform. TTPC is valued at $1 USD on the Tuk Tuk Pass platform and can be used to purchase products or services just like cash.

What wallet can I use to contribute

Any ERC20 Standard wallet. We recommend MEW. DO NOT contribute from an exchange wallet.

What is the Hard Cap?


How are the funds being used?

~20% of the funds will be use to develop and improve the Tuk Tuk Pass Platform.
~70% of the funds will be used for branding, marketing, and Smart Concierge development, AI Robotics and deployment.
~10% of the funds will be kept in reserve to deal with any emergencies or unexpected situations or spending that may come up.

When will I receive my tokens?

Investors will receive TTPA within one week of the conclusion of crowdsale.
You will need to supply a valid ERC-20 compatible Ethereum address in order to receive your tokens.

Can I use an exchange wallet?

No, funds sent through an exchange wallet may be lost.

When can we expect to see the platform?

Our Platform is currently in Alpha stage, we plan to roll out Beta to contributors towards Q4 of 2018.